Allen Bradley 1747-L552/C Rev C New Warranty


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New Warranty. Ser C Rev C FRN 11

Controller module for the SLC 500 Modular Hardware by Allen-Bradley. It comes with Memory of 32 KB, built-in communication interfaces such as 9-Pin RS-232 Port and Ethernet Communication ports. It has a capacity of 4096 Discrete I/O and Remote I/O capacity of 4096 Inputs and 4096 Outputs points.
Manufacturer: Rockwell Automation
Brand: Allen-Bradley
Part Number/Catalog No.: 1747-L552
Series: SLC 500
Inputs: 4096
Module Type: SLC 5/05 Processor
Outputs: 4096
Analog I/O: 480
Memory:: Up to 32 KB, Battery Backed-RAM
Program Scan Time: 0.9 ms/K
User Memory: 32,000 Words
I/O Chassis: 3
Chassis Module Slots: 30
I/O Scan Time: 0.225 milliseconds
Communication: Ethernet, RS-232
Backup Memory: 1747-M13
Ambient Temperature: 0 to 60 degrees Celsius
SLC 5/05 Connections: 48
Battery back-up memory:: Yes; 1747-BA
UPC: 10662072745585

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