CAMFIVE LASER FM20P BASIC For Sale New Warranty Easy to Use

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20W Source Portable CAMFive Laser Fiber Engraver Model FM20P, Engraving and Marking Machine for Hobby and Home Use.



WORKING AREA: 7.8 x 7.8 Inches.

FRAME DESIGN: Portable Desktop.

DIFFERENT MARKING FINISHES: With our fiber marker machines, you can accomplish different finishes just by changing the speed, power, frequency, and focus settings, for example, ETCH, MIRROR, and ANNEAL, among others.

90 DREGREES CHUCK ROTARY ATTACHMENT (Optional): This is ideal for the highly-accurate marking of cylindrical objects when you need to mark at 360 degrees. The chuck rotary features clamps that can hold both items from both the inside and the outside diameter of the cylinder by simply flipping the chuck jaws from standard to wide mode to accommodate larger radius cylinders. This rotary attachment is specially designed to engrave the inner side of a ring.

HIGH-SPEED GALVO SYSTEM: Small size, high speed, and excellent stability require little to no maintenance with no more flying optics to align. Also includes manual z-axis to accommodate the focus for different material thickness.

HIGH-PRECISION LASER LENS: The machines are equipped with a high-precision lens that covers up to a 4.3”x 4.3” marking field.

FIBER LASER SOURCE: Our generator provides a uniform optical power density and stable output optical power and is applicable to highly reflective metal such as Aluminum, copper, gold, silver among others.

SECURITY ENCLOSURE DESIGN: If your factory requires certain high standards of safety and quality of the material is such that it requires extra protection for the operator, this is your solution. CAMFive Laser has developed a cabinet / Safety cover with UV protection, with rough and easy access doors for the operator’s use. The 270-degree windows allow you to see the work in progress at all times.

“USB” INTERFACE CONEXION PORTS: USB connection panel. The machine comes with a USB input port for flash drives that allows you to load files into the internal memory and USB/Printer port (connection cable included) to connect it directly to a PC.

LASER BEAM FREQUENCY: Our machines have a high definition and marking speed thanks to the speed of the frequency pulse that can go from 20kHz to 80kHz depending on the fiber generator wattage you choose.

CONTROL SOFTWARE AND INTERFACE: The Fiber Laser model comes with a computer and the EZCAD Last Version control software already installed in it. This makes it easy to manage various parameters such as power, speed, and frequency in order to achieve the desired results.

COMPATIBLE FILE FORMAT: Supports almost all the design and picture formats such as, bmp, gif, jpg, ai, oux, cut, dsb, dst, dxf, emd, nc, out, plt, smc and more.

SMALLEST LINE POSSIBLE SIZE: With our fiber markers it is possible to make a single line as small as 0.00078 (0.02mm).

SMALLEST CHARACTER POSSIBLE SIZE: With our fiber markers it is possible to make very small characters like numbers, symbols, or icons up to 0.2mm.

CYCLE DUTTY: Our machines can operate 24/7 with minimum downtime, just for periodic scheduled maintenance, depending on the frequency of use, demand for workload, and materials being used.

VOLTAGE REGULATOR (Optional): A 2000 VA, 3000 VA or 5000 VA (depending on the model you choose) voltage regulator is provided to protect the laser machine’s electrical components and sensitive electronics. (Ask your advisor if included with your system).

MANUALS AND INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS: An Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manuals and instructional videos that contains clear explanations of the Installation process and the usage of the software, the control panel, and other features. (For machines only).

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