CAMFive LASER Q2416K For Sale New Warranty for Hobby Home Use Wood Yeti Tumbler

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Desktop and Portable Cutter & Engraver For Hobby & Home Use. Equipped with UP/Down (Z-AXIS) MOVEMENT. Optional Rotary Device.

24 x 16 inches 60w to 80w Small Portable Cutter Engraver CAMFive Laser Q2416K for Hobby, Home Use, Wood, Yeti Tumbler.
60w. Available upgrade to 70W or PRO 80w (Our Recommendation). Includes LightBURN™ for PC and Mac or Software or SmartCarve Last Version (You choose).

Working Area: 24″ x 16″ x 8″ inches
LASER TUBE: This equipment is equipped with one 60W, 70W or PRO 80W CO2 CAMFive Laser. This Laser Tube is manufactured from Hard Glass, permitting it to be filled with a greater amount of CO2 gas at a higher pressure. This results in a more effective higher output of laser energy comparable to a higher 50 wattage watt laser tube, giving it the capability to cut and engrave the harder and more resistant materials, as well as delicate or fragile materials while using lower power settings & power consumption. Unlike rechargeable laser tubes, the output and quality of our Laser Tubes will not diminish over a short amount of time or require frequent recharging, thus proving to be more practical and cost-effective should they have to be replaced.

CONTROL SOFTWARE AND INTERFACE: Includes LightBURN™ All-in-One Last Version Software with support for MAC or PC or SmartCarve (You choose). Our C02 machine communicates via its USB 2.0 port to a computer and its control software. Similar to output to a printer, this makes it easy to manage various parameters such as power, speed, and resolution in order to achieve the desired results. The controller software is included at no additional charge.

WARRANTY: Mechanical and electronic components: 1 year against manufacturing defects. Parts and components damaged due to improper usage and operation of the equipment are not covered under warranty.

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