Envisiontec Perfactory III Standard SXGA + High Resolution Great Condition


Envisiontec Perfactory III Used For Sale prices US$ 7700


Used good working conditions. Guarantee Return Available.

Year 2015.

Has maintenanced in 2020.

Mass:about 13 kg
Dimensions:230mm x 180mm x 580mm

Mini Multi Lens 3D Printer is widely used in a wide variety of industries: aerospace, automotive, electronics, jewelry, toys, action figures and sports products.

The EnvisionTEC company is known all over the world and has come a long way in creating materials that are unique in their properties and quality. They can be used even in the most complex and detailed products.

The high resolution DLP projector and 385nm wavelength allow for perfect surface quality and detail, combined with high print speeds compared to SLA printers.

Specifications : https://www.aniwaa.com/product/3d-printers/envisiontec-perfactory-3-dsp/

More 3D Printer :  https://www.2ndmachines.com/product-category/3dprinter/



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