Epilog Laser Mini 18 30Watt Engraving Machine Great Conditions


Epilog Laser Mini 18 30watt Used Prices US$ 4100


Used Normal Conditions.

Laser engraving 18×12
Model: Mini 30 Watt
Engraving Method: Laser
Machine Operation: Computerized
Application Shape: Multiple
Type: Engraving Machine
Tool Type: Engraving Holder
Engraving Application: Multiple
Manufacturer: EPILOG LASER

Includes: Drivers, USB, Filter system, Air pump system, Spare parts, Manuals.

Specifications : https://www.epiloglaser.com/laser-machines/minihelix-techspecs.htm
More Used Epilog : https://www.2ndmachines.com/?s=EPILOG


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