Omron FH-2050 For Sale VISION CONTROLLER New Warranty


Omron FH-2050 For Sale Prices US$6890


FH high-speed / high performance controller 2-core, NPN/PNP, 2 cameras
Performance High
Processor family Intel® Celeron®
Memory 8 GB RAM (non ECC)
AI Scratch detection filter
AI FineMatching
Number of cameras 2
Integrated monitor
Communication port(s) EtherCAT Slave, EtherNet/IP, Ethernet TCP/IP, PROFINET Slave, Serial RS-232C, USB
Output type PNP/NPN
Application 2D Robot guidance, Bead inspection, Code reading, Code verification, Color inspection, Counting, Defect inspection, Measurement inspection, OCR / OCV, Presence / Absence

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