SFX LJW-150W Desktop Jewelry Laser Welding High Speed high Precission New Warranty

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New Warranty
Laser Welder, Widely Used in Jewelry, Dental, Advertisement Sign Field.
Model: LJW-150W
Maxium Laser Power: 150W
Condenser Reflector: Imported Ceramic Condensing Cavity
Voltage: 220V 1 Phase
Pulse Width: 0.1-15ms(150W)
Laser Frequency:0-50Hz
Spot Adjustment Range: 0.2-2mm(150W)
Cooling System: Air Cooling(150W)
Rated Power: 4KW(150W)
Power Demand: Standard Three-phase 380V±5% / 50Hz / 20A Optional Single-phase 220V
Packaging Size: 1000*600*700(150W)
Gross Weight: 103KG(150W)
Usage Environment Temperature: 10-25℃(150W)

Laser Welder Advantages:
1.High Precision. Jewelry Laser Welder is High Precision(0.1-2mm Spot Size) Welding Method and Laser Beam is Very Thin.
2.High Speed. Laser is Quick, Frequency can Reach 20Hz.
3.Microscope. High Power Microscopefor Welding Metal Easily.
4.Multi-function. Jewelry, Glass Frame, Mould, Dental Teeth need Laser Welding Way Which Have Beautiful Welding Joints.
5.Widely Used. Jewelry Laser Welding Machine is Widely Used in All Kinds of Metal Like Gold, Silver, Bronze, Aluminum, Steel and Titanium.

Application Material: The Same Steel, Plain Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel: Welding and Stainless Steel, Steel Between the Welding and Stainless Steel Low Carbon Steel, Steel-310 316 Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel and 347 Nickel, Different Levels of Nickel, Titanium, Nickel, Tin, Copper, Aluminum, Niobium, Gold, Silver of Metal or Alloy the Same Metal for the Welding. Copper and Nickel, Titanium, Copper and Nickel, Titanium, Molybdenum, Brass, Copper and Low Carbon Steel, Copper, Metal for the Welding.

Application Industrial: For Mobile Communications Industry, the Arts and Crafts and Jewels, and Electronic Components, Sensor Appearance, Precision Machinery, Hardware, Spare Parts for Car, etc.


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