YXLON Y-Cheetah 2012



Yxlon  Y-Cheetah X-Ray

  • 160 Kv Multi-Focus x-ray Tube / Open Tube
  • 10W Max Target Power
  • 70 degree angular view ADR-Automatic Defect Recognition
  • 16″ x 18″ Inspection area
  • Flat Panel Detection
  • 400v-3Ph-16A
  • Windows XP
  • Y-FGUI Basic / Y-FGUI Extended
FXT-160.51 nanofocus 64w tube power, 10w/15w target power
Paxscan 1313 Flat panel detector
XRG160 HV generator
YXLON software version Y.FGUI
Carbon fiber sample tray 18in x 16in
Pfeiffer Hi Pace 80 turbo pump
Pfeiffer MVP dry backing pump


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